Tuesday, September 20, 2016

I'm still here!!!

What a hectic year this has been. Hectic meaning crazy, stressful, and exhausting! I literally laughed out loud when I saw my last blog post. "New year, more designs, more crochet" posted on JANUARY 1ST!! It kind of pin points the start of the chaos for the year. Quite literally.

So far this year, we have had a huge cancer scare with my husband (three different types of cancer were on the table), he had to have surgery which he is still healing from, I have been pretty much constantly stressed and quite frankly I am exhausted. Not much happening on the crochet designing front as I was hoping for in my last post.

A little peek into my reality...We are a family of three - my daughter, my husband and myself. We make fun of how "messed up" medically we are because looking in from the outside or hearing us say what is wrong with us, people typically react with
"No way". There are days I feel like I am 110 years old...I'm 41!!

Mr. Yarntivity, I'm sure I may have mentioned, has Multiple Sclerosis. He was diagnosed way back in 2005. MS is something that progresses at its own pace when it wants and how it wants. Period. We were lucky in the first few years as it didn't rear its ugly head hardly at all. Starting in about 2010, that all changed. By 2012/2013 he was constantly using a cane to walk. By 2014 he could no longer do simple things like cleaning/maintaining the house, laundry or cooking dinner. By 2015 he could no longer do the shopping like groceries and Wal-Mart for household items. This year, we have invested in quite a bit of medical equipment both for his safety and mobility like a shower chair, security handles, a rollator (which is a walker with wheels and a seat), and the big one...a wheelchair. I actually sobbed unboxing it. It was a very weird feeling. I was thankful and glad for it yet what a punch to the gut. The time we always knew was coming was here.

To add to the progression of his MS, we had a breast cancer/prostate cancer/endocrine tumor scare that lasted over half of the year. You talk about exhaustion! Such an emotional roller coaster this year has been. This past July he had a double mastectomy. Everything has came back benign (yeah!!). But with his MS, he is a slow healer naturally so even today we are still healing from the surgery. So in taking care of him, the house, our daughter, and working...crochet has been on hold.

I do have a day job. Crochet nowhere near funds our family. It is in every sense a hobby (what a dream job that would be!!). Working at my day job, I am away from the house around 12 hours a day due to commuting. All of those things I previously mentioned Mr. Yarntivity can no longer do...I now have to do. Boy was I spoiled coming home to a wonderful dinner and a clean house!!

As you can see, I'm tired. I apologize, as I had so many plans for this year for crochet. So many designs are stuck in my head begging to be free. However they will have to wait. I do not even think I will pull off any crochet Christmas gifts this year. How crazy is that!! Oh how I miss it. I do hope to be back soon posting away with everything crochet. I have so many plans! So many people have visited my blog probably thinking I got buried alive in yarn never to be seen again with my last post being January 1st!

All of my patterns will still be available and you can still contact me with any questions or to talk crochet. I do try to respond quickly. I sure do hope to return and add to my designs, support other designers, show off projects, etc! Even making more Chrome Themes (which I do plan to make larger monitor ones...coming soon!!).

Thank you for your time and thank you for your interest in my designs! It has been awesome coming here to escape and seeing all of the activity buzzing around my pattern pages!! Be sure to post a picture or send me a picture of your completed items! I would love to see them!


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