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Do you use Chrome as your internet browser? I do (and love it) and one day, I went to the Chrome Themes Store only to find there were no crochet or even yarn  Personalized Holiday Cards on

Do you use Chrome as your internet browser? I do (and love it) and one day, I went to the Chrome Themes Store only to find there were no crochet or even yarn related themes! I was quite shocked, especially with how crochet is becoming more and more popular again. So I kicked in my "day job" technical skills and threw together a few themes using a few of my favorite crochet pictures that I have taken. If we can't crochet at work, at least now we can get a visual :) 

 I do plan to keep adding to this list as time goes by. Here is what is currently live and totally ready for your viewing pleasure right now. When I make these themes, I make sure all text is visible, nothing looks bad, everything flows nicely and all colors match as well. That is one thing I cannot handle is a theme where the name of my bookmarks and/or tabs is drowned in the color/background. Rest assured that will not happen with these and the best part...they are free! 

 I hope you like them :) To see a list of all of the ones I have available, you can go to the Chrome Theme Store here

* NOTE - These will only work on a computer running Google's Chrome browser (not mobile/tablet unfortunately - hopefully Google will make mobile Chrome compatible with themes soon!). If you do not use Chrome but would like to, you can download it for free from Google

Crochet Textures Chrome Theme by Yarntivity - NEW! Working on this blanket was so relaxing for me. I always find myself going back to the pictures of it and looking at all of those textures!! YES PLEASE!!

Sophies Universe Crochet Center Chrome Theme by Yarntivity - NEW! This is another angle of my very first Sophie I made for my grandma. Such an amazing pattern and every time I look at photos of one I get the itch to make another!!

 Crochet Chrome Theme by Yarntivity - A very yummy theme containing everything we love!! If you like yarn (I know, who am I kidding), crocheting, pinks, reds or just a pretty picture, this theme will be awesome for you!
 Crochet Stitches Chrome Theme by Yarntivity - This theme just makes me itch to start crocheting! Seeing all those stitches just staring back at me is very hard to resist! The rows of popcorn stitches just look so inviting, I want to jump in!
 For the Love of the Crochet V-Stitch Chrome Theme by Yarntivity - This is actually from a scarf pattern I have listed here. I snapped this picture during designing of the scarf and just fell in love. Seeing everything I love all together and for those of you that may not like pinks, here is one in blue :)
Sophies Universe Crochet Chrome Theme by Yarntivity - Anyone that has seen or made a Sophie can relate to my obsession! This was the first Sophie I ever made and it was for my grandmother. With each stitch I was more and more addicted! Seeing all of those gorgeous stitches all in one place like that is so nice to see. It definitely takes me away!

Sophie's Universe Rose Crochet Chrome Theme by Yarntivity - My 2nd Sophie I have made was a Christmas gift for my mom. I snapped this while working on it and loved the angle and the close up of the roses! I will be adding a few more shots soon. I hope you enjoy!

Keep checking back to see if there are more added. I periodically add them as I get that very special picture that is theme worthy :) It is so hard for me to choose between them! I actually switch between them often ha ha! I would love to hear what you think about them! Either comment here or you can comment directly on the theme or simply rate the theme. I am always open to feedback!

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