Thursday, October 1, 2015

Chrome Themes

Do you use Chrome as your internet browser? I do (and love it) and one day, I went to the Chrome Themes Store only to find there were no crochet or even yarn related themes! I was quite shocked, especially with how crochet is becoming more and more popular again. So I kicked in my "day job" technical skills and threw together a few themes using a few of my favorite crochet pictures that I have taken. If we can't crochet at work, at least now we can get a visual :) 

 I do plan to keep adding
to this list as time goes by. Here is what is currently live and totally ready for your viewing pleasure right now. When I make these themes, I make sure all text is visible, nothing looks bad, everything flows nicely and all colors match as well. That is one thing I cannot handle is a theme where the name of my bookmarks and/or tabs is drowned in the color/background. Rest assured that will not happen with these and the best part...they are free! 

 I hope you like them :)  Available themes made by Yarntivity


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