Here is the yucky nitty-gritty page. Pretty standard stuff, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do to protect yourself so here it goes...

Terms of Use applies to all images, patterns and content found on all Yarntivity pages via blog, social media and website. All Yarntivity patterns and images are copyright protected.

By reading, printing, downloading and/or saving any content from any Yarntivity website, blog or social media platform - you are agreeing to this Terms of Use. You may sell or gift your completed items (in fact I would LOVE to see them!!).

If you would like to share a pattern, simply use the direct link from the page where the pattern is located. If you would like to teach or demonstrate any of my patterns, please give the link to your attendees so they can print/download their own copy - please do not print and make copies of the pattern(s).

  • Redistribute printed Yarntivity patterns, copy/paste any Yarntivity patterns, screenshot any Yarntivity patterns and/or publish any Yarntivity patterns without prior written consent. The only way to share a pattern is to copy the link directly from that pattern page to share via social media, email, or any other method.
  • Resell Yarntivity patterns in any way, part or form
  • Create a video tutorial to any pattern without receiving written Yarntivity consent
  • Copy any pattern, in whole or in part, for either resale or redistribute for free. Making a modification to an existing pattern does not make it your own
  • Use my images for your sale listings or post as your own work. You may share a picture from my pattern WITH the directly link to that pattern

BLAH! Whew glad that is over :) Thank you for sharing your love of crochet with me! Now back to our yarntivity :) 

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